Pwede Pala!

Natasha Makes Your Dreams Come True!

To view videos of successful Natasha Members, please click Testimonial Videos.

There are 4 ways to become a Natasha Member:

  1. Approach a Natasha member and ask him/her to recruit you.
  2. Go to Natasha Branches above and look for a Natasha branch near you.
    When you visit one of our branches, please approach the Networking counter and tell the staff that
    you would like to register.
  3. Click Recruiter Locator to find the Natasha Member near you. He/She can serve as your
    recruiter and guide you in starting your own business.

Be a Natasha Member now
and start your own business.

We are one of the leading direct selling companies in the Philippines. Our main product lines are apparel, shoes and personal care.

You earn by selling Natasha products. You can also earn a commission from the sales of your recruits. To know more please click Marketing Plan.

With Natasha, you have the opportunity to become a successful business person if you are willing to work hard. Also you must follow Natasha's Core Values:

  • Customer Service
  • Discipline
  • Constant Improvement
  • Respect for Each Other
  • Honesty

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